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12 Bottles of Craft Beer Birra Serriola of 33cl - 3 Bottles for each "Cilindrata"


The package contains:

3 Bottles of 33cl di Monocilindrica

3 bottles of 33cl di Bicilindrica

3 bottles of 33cl di Tre Cilindri

3 bottles of 33cl di Quattro Cilindri


- Single cylinder - Reference type Weat Beer. Wheat BeerVeiled blonde 4.2° alc. top-fermented and refermented in the bottle. IBU GRADE 14


- Twin cylinder - Type of reference PALE ALE/IPA. Classic Malts in support of a generous dosage of Hops both in bitterness and aroma.Opaque clear from 5° alc. top-fermented and refermented in the bottle. IBU GRADE 35


- Three Cylinders - Type of reference strong ALE. Pale malts and specialty malts. Beer that uses a single hop, both in bitterness and in aroma, (single Hop), with great aromatic properties. 6.5 ° red with slightly amber notes. High fermentation, refermented in the bottle. IBU GRADE 20


- Quattro Cilindri - Type of reference: Spelled Blonde/ALE. Barley malt, unmalted local organic spelled, Tuscan spices and noble European hops. 5° opaque clear, top fermentation refermented in the bottle. IBU GRADE 19

12 Cylinders - Box 12 Bottles of 33cl

  • It is possible to cancel an order only if it has not yet been processed and the goods have not yet been shipped, by written communication to be sent by email to the address_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_info@birraserriola.com


    The photos of the product and packaging are demonstrative. The packaging may vary at the time of the order based on the availability of the material in the Brewery.

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