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Mechanics of a Beer!

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birra artigianale

Water! Birra Serriola uses a private water source that gives our Master Brewers the pleasure to make a beer with a unique and unmistakable flavor; all this thanks to the natural minerals contained in the water of our spring. The natural minerality of water  helps the yeasts in their "work". The fermentation process takes place in a "slow" but above all natural way.

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The hops we use to make Serriola Beer comes from our fields. As we know, this ingredient plays a very important role in the production process of a beer, giving it a bitter taste. Wisely dosed, it characterizes each beer by enriching its aroma. It also plays an important antibacterial role. 

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Barley is an ancient cereal, which has always been used in the production of beer. Its role is that  to produce enzymes that help nourish the yeast. It also gives all the shades of color that we find in our beer.

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Malt is used  from yeasts in alcoholic fermentation thanks to its simple sugars. This process produces the carbon dioxide and alcohol of our beer.

In addition, the malt gives roundness and complexity by binding to the aromas of our beloved "blonde"!

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Rules for a craft beer

A beer, to be defined Artisan, must be produced following certain procedures. Today these procedures are regulated by law.  

- When you choose a Craft Beer, you know that you drink a particularly delicate and "made" product respecting the beer itself and its essence; in fact Birra Serriola, like all other craft beers, is neither pasteurized nor microfiltered. You can fully enjoy its aromas and taste.   

- A brewery, to define itself as Artisan, must be independent and, that is, it must not belong to and / or have industrial groups or beverage distributors among its members. Furthermore, the law sets the production limit at 200,000 hectoliters of beer per year.

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